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Tension Dead End Clamps

Dead ENd Clamp PA is used to tighten LV ABC without insulated conductor and has a function to receive LV ABC made of 2 to 4 conductors from 10 to 50mm2 on the places where it is technically defined. Its design provides easy, fast and reliable installation in all weather conditions. Dead End Clamp PA has self-adjusting plastic wedges which tighten 2 to 4 conductors of LV ABC without insulation damage.

Loop Dead End Clamps

All parts of Dead End Clamp PA are resistant to corrosion and environmental effects. It is made of surface protected steel, Poliamid 6.6 GF 30. Bolt M12 and self-blocking nut enable the clamp to be installed on a U stirrup or closed bracket.

Suspension Angle Clamps

The suspension clamps are mainly used for suspending optic cable(or conductor) in overhead line, similar with ordinary suspension clamp. When used for conductor and ground wire’s installation in ADSS cable and HV transmission line, we suggest the line corner angle is ≤ 30° .

P.G. Connectors / Clamps

Parallel Groove (PG) Clamps are used to connect aluminium and ACSR conductors. Bimetallic PG Clamps connect aluminium or ACSR main conductors with copper tap-off conductors.

Bi – Metallic P.G. Connectors / Clamps

Bimetallic Cover Tap-Off Clamps connect aluminum or ACSR main conductors with copper tap-off conductors. Hiko cover tap-off clamps are manufactured from high strength corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy, hot-forged metallic sheet and high strength copper alloy (CuNi2Si) and use hot-dip galvanised steel bolts and corrosion protected washers.

2 & 3 Bolts P.G. Connectors / Clamps

PG Parallel Groove Connector is used for the Non-bearing connection and offset of aluminum stranded wire, aluminum stranded wire, it’s used with insulating cover for the effect of protective and insulation

Compression, MID – Span Sleeves & Joints

Midspan Joint & Repair Sleeve suitable for conductor & Earth Wire. Conductor range from 25 Sq.mm to 200 Sq.mm & Earth wire 7/3.15 mm to 7/4.00 mm.

Compression & Repairing Sleeves

The 5200 Series Repair Sleeve is designed for ACSR conductors. The repair sleeve incorporates an improved design of interlocking extrusions, providing a permanent grip on the conductor when compressed.

The repair sleeve will restore 95% of the rated strength of the conductor with up to one-third of the aluminum strands damaged.

Aluminum Compression Lugs & Terminals

• These aluminum lugs are dual rated for (AL/CU) conductors
• Crimps #6 stranded through 1000 MCM copper or aluminum wire/cable
• These aluminum compression lugs and splices are seamless, one-piece, pure aluminum construction with tin-plating to assure maximum conductivity
• Generous entrance chamfer provide easy cable insertion
• Barrels filled with Cual-Aid and capped at factory

Compression Splices

  • Compression of products can be completed with industry standard presses and dies.
  • Aluminum Splice Body: Aluminum component of splice assembly that is compressed around the OD of the conductor.
  • Steel Splice Body: Steel component of the splice assembly that is compressed around the OD of the steel core.
  • Holding Strength: 95% or more of the conductor rated breaking strength (RBS) in accordance with ANSI C119.4 requirements for tensile strength.
  • Designs allows for continuous conductor operating temperatures up to 125°C (150°C two hour emergency).
  • Includes: Aluminum splice body, steel splice body, and filler plug.

Bi – Metallic Compression Lugs

Bimetallic Lugs are constructed using a copper palm and aluminum barrel and are used to terminate aluminum conductors onto copper bus bars. Using these lugs in control panels, switchgear, and combiner boxes in Solar Plants prevents corrosion and ensure longevity.

Bi – Metallic T-Connectors

Used for bonding copper, aluminum, or galvanized steel conductors, preventing galvanic coupling, particularly where aluminum or galvanized steel lightning protection system has to be connected to a copper earthing system.

Misc. Terminal Connectors

Our Misc Metric Connectors & Terminals are where you can find a small assortment of industry-standard connectors for all Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Ducati motorcycles. Each connector on this page comes with terminals, wire seals, and TPA locks if required.

Strain Clamps, Protective Fittings, Suspension Clamps

Strain clamps are used to fix conductors and ground wires to insulators or link fittings to tower arms and substation structures.

There are two basic systems of strain clamps,

1. Detachable clamps, such as wedge-type tension clamps, thimbles, bolted type tension clamps, which allow for subsequent adjustment.

2. Non-detachable clamps, such as compression dead-end clamps which require absolute matching to the conductor length.