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Copper Clad Earth Rods & Accessories

Copper clad steel ground rod with coaxial connector, drive head, drill bits and other accessories, according to different geology and requirements, can be made of bass coaxial connector(bolts) connection, any increase in the length of electroplating copper grounding rods. Entry side with the drive head(bolts)connection for when combat the use of deep wreck. End top use a special drill bit (bolts) connection, so deep in the wreck. 

Earth Rod With Accessories

They are Manufactured from the Highly
Conductive EC Grade Copper. They Have Great Resistance to corrosion. This type of Solid Copper Earth rod are very much Ideally use where the salt contents in the soil are very high.

Stay Rod Assembly Set

The stay rod is also named stay set, it is a component used to connect the stay wire to the ground anchor.  There are two types: bow stay rod and tubular stay rod. The bow type stay rod includes stay bow, stay rod, stay plate, stay thimble. The tubular stay set is adjustable by means of an eye top of the turnbuckle.

D- Shackle Assembly

In order to meet huge market demands, we are involved in offering unmatchable quality of D Shackle. This D Shackle is highly demanded by clients for its perfect finishing and sturdy construction. Moreover, we follow set quality norms and principles while manufacturing this D Shackle which is highly appreciated by customers.

Angle Iron Cross Arm & Braces

  • The one-piece steel angle crossarm brace is used in the construction of heavy pole lines
  • Use ½-inch lag screws or bolts under the arm
  • Use 5/8-inch through bolt at the pole
  • Formed at pole mount hole with ample clearance for bolt tightening

Single Structure Plateform & Accessories

Structural Steel Platform(SSP) is a mezzanine but it was built via long steel items, eg I-Beam, RSC Beam, Hallow Section and etc. Similarly as MTR, based on the requirement, there are various types of Floor Decking types & Accessories that could be added to the design of SSP.

The main 2 advantage of SSP is :

  • Have fewer columns beneath the platform.
  • Customizable to floor loading as high as 1000Kgs/m2.

Double Structure Plateform & Accessories

the principles of multi-sided platform theory and value network analysis are used in order to give a detailed picture of the financing and revenue sharing models present in the audiovisual media industry in Flanders. By means of expert interviews, we verify whether the counter-logics of platform ecosystems and the double marginalization effect of double platform.

Misc, Nuts, Bolts, Washers & Accessories

Proteus Fittings Ltd supply a whole range of stock Bolts, Nuts, Washers and other accessories to make sure you have everything you need for your project. Nuts and Bolts are a type of fastener with a threaded hole in the nut and a threaded bolt that securely screws together to form a tight bond. Along with a huge stock of nuts and bolts we supply to domestic a trade customers a range of additional fixings and accessories such as washers, screws and connectors – please see below or call Proteus Fittings for specific details and ordering.

Double Arming Bolts With Nuts & Washers

A double arming bolt is also called a double-threaded bolt, double-ended bolt, or DA bolt. According to the length of the thread, the double arming bolts include all thread bolts and double threaded bolts.

Socket Tongs

  • Forged with all brass, fast heat dissipation, and good conductivity
  • Wide application range, suitable for electric welding, etc.
  • Made of special insulation and heat-resistant materials, which can the heating time of the handle
  • The handle adopts thickened thread design to prevent slipping
  • The use of high-quality high-elastic springs, long-lasting elasticity, and long service life